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Where to find an antique dealer specialized in silverware in Paris ?

I am Emmanuel Redon, an antique dealer specialized in silverware

I love my job as an antique dealer, specialized in the French silverware of the 19th and 20th centuries.

I would be pleased to welcome you to my gallery, located at the Marché Biron des Puces in Saint-Ouen. This paradise of antique hunters is located in the north of Paris, district of the future «Grand Paris». You will spend a beautiful moment in this illustrious place, marked with the Parisian soul.

You will find on my site, a taste of high quality pieces, signed by the most famous designers of their time:

  • Cardeilhac,
  • Christofle,
  • Odiot,
  • Puiforcat...

My passion for art objects led me to obtain the title of expert.

I am passionate about the history of art objects.

Having studied cinema at the very beginning of my professional life, I worked mainly as an artistic photographer afterwards. I made illustrations for art books.

Little by little, I went back to my parents' profession. The profession of antiques allowed me to preserve my taste for highlighting objects and creating stories. I love, for example, decorating tables with exceptional pieces.

I like to investigate the life of an object:

  • Who did it belong to?
  • Who is the master craftsman who created it?
  • What is its place in the history of decorative arts?

I am a certified expert in my field.

  • Thanks to my culture, I became a certified expert with several antique and art expertise companies.
  • I have exhibited at many international trade shows including the Biennale des Antiquaires in 2012 (set designer : Karl Lagerfeld) and 2014 (set designer : Jacques Grange).
  • At these or other events, such as the Art Book Award, I had the opportunity to meet and exchange with other heritage professionals.
  • All of these contacts have allowed me to expand my knowledge or bring a fresh perspective to my business.

I wrote a book about silverware

I finally wanted to write a book to share the passion of antiquity and make you discover the history of silverware (flatwares saucers, teapots, trays, etc.)

In this story, I evoke the large decorative pieces (centerpieces (surtouts de table), candelabras, planters, champagne buckets, etc.) that have thus helped establish the French art de vivre !

You will find my book at the bookstore of the Louvre Museum or the one of the Musée d'Orsay.

Based on a broad iconography, this work is translated into four languages.

  • It traces the history of objects and bibliographic elements of their creator.
  • You will follow the evolution of the table arts as part of the decorative arts.
  • You will be introduced to the recognition of marks, specific techniques such as polishing.
  • You will discover periods of aesthetic renewal such as the Empire style or the Art Deco style.

While waiting to welcome you in my shop at the Puces de Saint-Ouen, I hope you will enjoy visiting my virtual gallery. I’ll let you push the door here.

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